Mess in a Pan

I forgot to tell you about the formal this past weekend! It was so much fun to get all dressed up. My nan asked me what this ‘prom’ I was going to was all about. I didn’t tell her prom was for 18 year olds.

We were riding in style, that’s for sure…Maybe we are 18 years old.

I went picture crazy, obviously. I didn’t even eat way too much because I was too busy taking pictures. And the food was just ok, but my pictures of the food were even worse.

Cake! Nice placement, I know. The carrot cake was good, the chocolate thing, not so much.

Here is my roomie and I, after three years of living together this is our first good picture!

We normally get variations of this.

She got her iron ring last night by the way. I was depressed so I made these.

Blueberry Crumble Bars, but I think I’m going to call them Blueberry Mess in a Pan. I don’t think I used enough elbow grease when ‘pressing the batter’ into the pan. Because when I came back from Body Pump they were supposed to be all cooled and cut-able. I struggled with the ‘square’ bit. So I threw my crumbs in some Greek yogurt and called it supper. It was sooo good. It made the plain yogurt much better.

Here is my trick of the day.

Greek yogurt is very, very good for you, so protein-y. It’s a great post workout snack. There is one problem though, maybe it’s just the brand I buy but I find it has a texture similar to that of wet cement. To fix this problem I started adding a little splash of almond milk and mixing it up. This makes it much easier to swallow. The blueberry mess doesn’t hurt either.

I’m going to start blogging in the library more often, the pictures load at lightening speed! I’ve got to get back to work now before my group kicks me out. Have a wonderful foggy Tuesday!

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