Cleaning Out The Fridge

What would you do if you had an exam to study for and you also had this giant bowl of pumpkin sitting in your fridge?

I think we’d all do the same thing. Bake. In my case bake a pumpkin roll and then take a nap. Those fifteen minutes on the treadmill this morning really tuckered me out and I had to get rested up for Body Pump later on. Except we showed up too late AND I forgot my sneakers. It wasn’t meant to be.

Let me tell you about this pumpkin roll, which I found on Eat, Live, Run. Surprised? First of all I was very excited to see that I had a good excuse to use my roomies Kitchen Aid Mixer (she is spoiled and her sister got her one for Christmas and shipped it across the country). Check it out in action.

I think I used a smaller pan than I was supposed to (most of the pots and pans in our kitchen are my parents’ wedding gift doubles or Thioni’s grandma’s, big cookie sheets were not ‘in’ back then) because my cake part was thicker and may have wanted to fall into 50 pieces, but I didn’t let it.

But a smaller pan = smaller surface area = thicker frosting. No complaining here.

Speaking of frosting, since I am an amateur Kitchen Aid mixer this happened, with some more on my clothes and the floor.

And then because I’m clumsy this happened. Darn dollar store measuring cups.

So instead of pumpin’ our bodies we (Jess and I) came home and stuffed our bodies with mashed potatoes, asparagus and pumpkin rolls.

You see we’re both leaving our apartments in a week so we’re trying to clean out our refrigerators (it seems funny to have refrigerator plural, but fridges sounds even funnier). We’re going to be having some interesting meals and thought if we came together with our random food then the meals would be slightly better, although we’re still missing a food group or two…or three.

Right now it looks like it’s pumpkin roll for breaky, lunch and supper tomorrow. It’s sooo good. Make it!

3 thoughts on “Cleaning Out The Fridge

  1. That pumpkin roll looks amazing! I always forget to bake with pumpkin when it’s not fall or winter, but that should totally be rectified.

    I wouldn’t mind eating those for a few days! :)

    I see you also do Bodypump! I just started going a week ago, but I’m so addicted to it now!

  2. 1. YAY for sisters who spoil you! And I have spilled over in that mixer pretty much every time I have used it.
    2. I want to eat the rest of the 10lb pumpkin roll, after eating the leftover mashed potatoes and gravy in the fridge.
    3. YAY for broken measuring cups, one less thing to split in our upcoming divorce haha.

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