No More Harry

Guess what I did?

Made a delicious treat and didn’t take a picture.

Then I kicked myself in the butt. Who wants to read a blog that talks about drool worthy desserts but doesn’t even show pictures of them??

Ok I took one in the oven because I was amazed at how much the marshmallows swelled up. Lovely lighting, eh?

For now just take a click here and imagine that this is what my finish product looked like. It didn’t even look close to that but I’m sure it tasted about the same.

Say hello to a Crunch Bar laying on top of a thick layer of roasted marshmallows and chewy brownies.

That’s all you need to know. Just make it, but make more “Crunch Bar” topping. I couldn’t for the life of me make it cover the whole pan. This girl’s got skill. But just make it.

Now for some nerdy talk… If you do not like Harry Potter you will probably not like me after reading the rest of this post

I feel like I need to dedicate a post to Harry Potter, I practically grew up with the guy, we were like best buds, we even dated for a while!

I saw the last movie on the weekend and thought it was wonderful. I don’t want to say that I have ADD because I don’t but I do have a hard time paying attention to movies, I get antsy (restless legs) and check the time a lot. But I’ve never done that during a Harry Potter movie and this movie felt like it was only 30 minutes long. It was dark and intense but I knew there was going to be a happy ending so I was a happy girl.

It had also been many years since I read the book so there were some surprises :)

I’m so happy they used from the very end of the book where Harry, Ron, Ginny and Hermione were taking their kids to board the train to Hogwarts. I love silly stuff like that! And I think that just left some room for Ms. Rowling to keep on writing! Pretty please!!

Brendyn had never seen any of the movies before this summer but right now were are on the fourth and he is addicted!!

Because I’m a geek nerd I find it pretty cute. Last night while we were watching it he looks at me, completely serious, and asks “Does Snape like Voldemort or something?” I laughed because I know the story inside and out and was amused but his simple question. Because I just watched the last movie I almost spewed out all the juicy details about the Snape-Dark Wizard relationship but I refrained.

Last night we were watching the first event of the Triwizard Tournament. Harry was flying around like a maniac trying to escape the dragon (he’s so brave :)) and ended up on the roof of the castle and his broom fell down to a lower roof. Obviously I knew everything would be AOK but Brendyn wanted to help him out and yelled “Leviosa!”.

I melted. He remembered a spell! What more could I ever ask for?

Ok well maybe I could ask him to take me here.

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