Lazy Long Weekend

This weekend I had no desire to whip out my computer, edit pictures, patiently wait for pictures to load and attempt to write something witty.

Perhaps that makes me a bad blog mama.

I’m still feeling a little lazy so I’ll tell you what I wasn’t too lazy to do this weekend. And I’ll do it in point form because Brian likes it that way.

I got off work early on Friday because I could. I was a starvin’ Marvin when I met Brendyn downtown. Since his mouth was frozen (cavities! tisk, tisk) we opted for chocolate milk until we could get something more substantial.

I sure do miss Northumberland Chocolate Milk. It is the chocolate milk of all chocolate milks and “The only dairy that is pure New Brunswick”.

 I also got one of these. Foreshadowing my supper.

 Our next stop: The SPCA. Just to look.

We both fell in love with a kitten. Pardon the blurry cell phone pictures.

Fact: As soon as I am settled somewhere living in a real house I am going to the nearest SPCA to adopt a kitten. I don’t care if I’m judged for being a crazy cat lady.

To keep my blood sugar through the roof we had this amazing, incredible, super duper, delicious Toffee Apple dip for supper.

Make it.

Saturday morning I did some incline intervals and almost had a stroke. I blame it on the sugar over dose from the night before. If you’re looking for a tough treadmill work out I challenge you to try that one.

I recovered quickly and painted my fingers and toes. Super, mega toe close-up.

Then we were off to the beach! Sunshine is a beautiful thing.

I went to a barbeque and had my first taste of coconut cream pie. I’m not a coconut fan but the whipped cream and graham cracker crumb crust were pretty delicious.

I fell in love with dill pickles.

I bought a dress to wear to a wedding.

I made some funfetti cupcakes.

I went to another barbeque and ate some delicious steak.

I went to bed wishing every weekend was a long weekend. I almost forgot what it was like to be at work.

But I was quickly reminded this morning at 7:45 when I dropped a giant water glass on the floor and it shattered into thousands of pieces.

Oopsie daisy!

4 thoughts on “Lazy Long Weekend

  1. Brit, you’re the first person I’ve met aside from my brother and I who say “Starvin’ Marvin’! I always thought we were just weird.
    And I’ve also had that dip before, don’t blame you for eating it for supper, it is delicious!

  2. I don’t think one kitten counts as crazy cat lady, don’t worry. And I’m so glad that you’re going to adopt and not buy a pet! I can’t go to the SPCA because it breaks my heart into a thousand little pieces.

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