what the heck i’ve been doing

Holy crap.

What the heck have I been doing?

Let me rewind to two weekends ago. The gang that I live with went camping so I was left to my own devices, thankfully with a vehicle. I spent the whole weekend visiting.

First up, Rachel, who just moved into a cute little apartment with her boyfriend, Aaron. I realized once again that I will take cramps, bloating and violent mood swings any day over being a member of the opposite sex.

When you are a male you are expected to carry three-piece couches up three flights of crooked, rotten stairs. When you are a female you are expected to encourage from the top and hand out freezies.

I stopped by my dad’s for like three seconds in a thunderstorm. It was crazy chaos there – his lady friend’s family was coming over to their cottage-sized house and the stressful prepping had commenced. Three seconds was even too long.

I then stopped by a travel agent only to discover that a one-way ticket to Australia is $2600 and a round trip is $2200. This lady clearly had no idea what she was talking about and I left after three seconds, again.

After picking up a salad and some potato wedges I was off to a barbecue with Les and Thioni. It was incredible.

We got Blizzard’s for dessert. Mint Oreo for me.

After the pig out I went to visit little Dede and Mitchell who just bought their first HOUSE. I love it and wish I lived there with them.

Sunday was a beach day with Caroline and the clouds. Clouds, not welcome.

Oh, and we went to see Ted where I ate a Twix bar for supper. When I told my friend Natalie this she thought Ted was a guy I was dating. Yes, she does live under a rock.

And then I filled my mom’s vehicle with gas… it cost me $82. Another reminder of why I usually bum rides everywhere and will continue to do so for as long as I can.

On Tuesday the gang I live with left again, this time for almost two weeks. I could definitely get used to living alone.

On Wednesday I went on a date, like a real one. I met the dude on Canada Day weekend and I guess he thought I was pretty cool. I’m not going to marry him or anything but I guess he’s pretty cool too.

On Thursday night I made this Crock-Pot Thai Peanut Chicken. SOO good, I’ve been eating it on a cozy bed of spinach. May seem weird, but it really quite satisfying. If you’re feeling extra ambitious have it on some rice.

Friday night brought wine, rum, vodka and beer – in that order Not in any large quantities for me thankfully, so I was able to move the next day. We also went to the bar that is cool to go to when you’re 19. I wanted to kill someone.

Bright and early Saturday morning I went to the beach with my date. Like a real beach on the Atlantic Ocean, it was a perfect beach day with ice cream, crackers, hummus and a Frisbee. It was even hot enough to get in the water, which is apparently between 8 and 12 degrees Celsius. I wanted to stay and soak up the sun longer; he wanted to save his skin.

We wrapped up the day with grilled cheddar/ham/apple sandwiches and a cookie cheesecake square (like these ones).

And then I went to bed at 8:30 and slept for 13 hours. On Sunday I laid on the hammock and read/slept for many hours.

I don’t actually think my life could get any better.

Other updates:

I had to remove a dead baby bird from the deck. I think he failed his first flying lesson :(

I’ve been watering the plants and garden like I was told but they still seem to be struggling. What am I doing wrong?

The Real World: St. Thomas has started. I love that show so much.

I think Heidi misses having the extra bodies around.

She’s bored!

2 thoughts on “what the heck i’ve been doing

  1. I totally want a freezie now…I may have to stop off at the goody shoppe after the gym…Also, me and Les ate the rest of the potato wedges with our eggs in the morning, it was a delicious choice. Lastly, I want to go to a real beach/lay in a hammock!

  2. Ha ha, I didn’t realize saying “I saw Ted” does kinda sound like you’re seeing a guy named Ted. This post makes me miss my parents’ hammock :(

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