lots of love for Brisbane

My last weekend in Brisbane is coming to an end.

I’m quite sad about it all, I really do love this city.

I’ve been taking advantage of every last minute of it though. Louise and I met up on Saturday morning for breakfast to catch up on all the recent happenings in my life. I’m going to miss her!

Since we didn’t want to go home we went into the city on an Ugg hunt. Remember when my Uggs got stolen? Me too.

Anyway since Uggs are ridiculously expensive and made in Australia we thought it would be nice to maybe snatch a cheaper pair while we’re here. They’re still expensive but not quite as pricey as they are at home.

Well I think I have passed the Ugg phase of my life and didn’t get any. I have better things to spend my money on. Like food.

We wandered around a bit more – I feel like I could wander forever here. We followed our noses across the bridge to the South Bank market and got some of this perfection.

With lots of salt and butter.

I lounged around home for a while after that booking more flights and hostels and getting my life sort of organized. I had big plans to go out on the town Saturday night but I had no appropriate shoes. Thankfully one of the two girl friends I have made here has the same size feet as me. I was too short on time bus so I hopped in a cab.

Of course I got stuck with a dud cab driver. He didn’t know where he was going, wouldn’t put the address in the GPS and took a longer route than the one I suggested. Don’t worry, I gave him some much needed attitude and told him he should do his job properly. I didn’t really gain anything from the ‘tude but he did shut the meter off a little early even if the ride was $10 more than it should have been.

Anyway after some chatting and shoe snatching I was on my way to The Valley where all the rich and famous gather in Brisbane. Orrr the drunk and stupid? Maybe both.

When I decided to go back home I went into panic mode because there is still so much I haven’t done! Dressing up and going out was one of those things. What kind of girl am I??

Besides the death of my feet I had SO much fun. Since the bars are open until infinity o’clock here the sun was on it’s way up when we left the bar. I took some shaky handed photos.

This is the sun peeking up from the Story Bridge that I climbed here.

Only twenty minutes later… Check out the magic. My trusty old Samsung can capture beauty when it wants to.

I took these pictures with my shoes in my hand, in my too tight skirt and neon shirt while early morning cyclists and runners passed me by.

I probably should have been embarrassed or something but I was in a full on enjoy the moment mood. I love it when that happens. When your mind just stops and focuses on how incredible it all is.

When you forget how bad your feet hurt and ignore the incoming hangover and just be thankful for every thing in your life that has led to where you are now.

Is that cheesy? I think if you’re not cheesy sometimes then maybe you’re missing out on something because I honestly was that happy in that moment. Or for that whole hour of wandering at five on a Sunday morning.

Thanks again, Brisbane.

On a more delicious note, my blog idol has shared a list of Christmas cookies that she wants to make this holiday season. This obviously means that I’m going to procrastinate packing for Sydney and continue running on three hours of sleep in order to make my list.

I hope you’re soaking up all the goodness in your weekend.

Talk to you soon!

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